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Advantages of Tilt-Wash, Double-Hung Windows

Derek Wood - Thursday, May 16, 2019

When it comes time to get new windows for your home, more choices are available than you might realize. To decide on a particular type, you will want to consider a window design that provides excellent curb appeal, functions efficiently, and one that you will be able to maintain the easiest. A fabulous choice for almost any home is tilt-wash, double-hung windows.

Versatile Look

Tilt-wash, double-hung windows look marvelous with most all homes, regardless of their architecture or design style. The high-performance vinyl will withstand the harsh effects of the weather and keep the exterior of these windows looking beautiful for years. These windows, which are quite popular with homeowners, provide a classic appeal that will enhance the interior and exterior of traditional, contemporary, or even transitional homes.


Efficient Function

With tilt-wash, double-hung windows, you have multiple options. You can raise the bottom sash, or you can lower the top sash when you want ventilation. These windows are also quite energy-efficient when combined with quality weatherstripping that seals out the harsh elements. As such, you will save money on your heating and cooling bills, making tilt-wash, double-hung windows an excellent investment for any homeowner.


Easy Maintenance

Tilt-wash, double-hung windows are easy to maintain and keep clean, which is a huge advantage. Because of the quality materials used, you won't have to worry about continually repainting the frames to keep the windows in good shape. With the tilt-wash design, cleaning is a breeze. You merely tilt in the window from the interior of your home, and you can clean both sides of the glass without going out in the elements or climbing a ladder.


For a great choice in windows, consider a tilt-wash, double-hung design for your home. For more information about windows and the various, innovative designs available, please contact us today. Our team of professionals will treat your home with care and can custom-manufacture each window and its frame to perfectly fit your house.


5 Benefits of Having a Year-Round Sunroom

Derek Wood - Thursday, May 09, 2019
5 Benefits of Having a Year-Round Sunroom


A sunroom is a great addition to any home. Regardless of the season, a year-round sunroom allows you to enjoy the beauty of outdoors without having to worry about the weather. If you're looking for a way to add functionality, value, and space to your home, a sunroom is a perfect choice. Below are a few of the many benefits of having a year-round sunroom in your home.

1. Affordable and Efficient

Not only can a sunroom increase the value of your home, but most sunrooms are much more affordable than a traditional home addition. A sunroom made for year-round use is typically constructed with insulated glass, which allows you to more cost-effectively heat and cool the new space.

2. Customize to Your Liking

Whether you're looking to build a room with floor to ceiling glass windows, screened in areas, or an entirely unique design, sunrooms are easy to customize to your own individual needs and preferences.

3. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Many homes are built with most of the windows on the front, which means it may be difficult to get a full view of the backyard from inside the home. With a custom-built sunroom, you can design it to have a full view of the backyard, essentially bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your new living space.

4. Better Design Options

A year-round sunroom offers the flexibility to choose whatever type of furniture you want for your new space. You do not have to worry about the outdoor weather conditions, which means you aren't limited to outdoor furniture for your new room.

5. Ultimate Versatility

A sunroom can be used as a guest bedroom, game room, playroom for the kids or grandkids, or any other purpose you choose. With all the benefits of both a traditional living space and an outdoor space, your options are endless. You can even turn your sunroom into an indoor garden regardless of the weather conditions outdoors.

Whether you're looking to add additional space to your home or hoping to increase the value of your property, a sunroom is a great addition to any home. At D & W Windows and Sunrooms, we can help you choose the right fit for your home. For more information about the benefits of adding a sunroom to your home, contact us today.


Maximize the Light in Your Home with Multiple Patio Doors

Derek Wood - Friday, May 03, 2019
Maximize the Light in Your Home with Multiple Patio Doors


When more natural sunlight streams into your home, your interior will look and feel brighter and roomier. One fabulous way to let in more light is to have patio doors installed in various rooms.

Main Living Space

Whether your main living area is at the front, back, or side of your house, you can install gorgeous patio doors to improve the interior. These doors can lead out to a front garden, back patio, or side entry and will help to expand your living area to the outdoors. Patio doors make any room appear larger, provide the additional light that you need in your home, add beauty, and also add convenience to a property.

Master Bedroom

Most master bedrooms are in the back of a home, which is a perfect location for patio doors. These doors will provide extra light in the room throughout the day. They can lead out to the patio or onto a balcony where you can enjoy the early morning sun with some coffee if the doors face east, or you can enjoy the setting sun with a relaxing drink at the end of the day if the doors are facing west.

Kitchen or Dining Room

Another excellent location for patio doors is in a formal dining room or the eat-in area of your kitchen. These doors will allow in enough additional light to make either space feel more open and welcoming. Having patio doors installed where you eat also works quite well if you entertain. They will connect your indoor space to an outside area where guests can mingle.

To improve the interior look and feel of your home, you should consider allowing the maximum amount of natural light inside with multiple, quality patio doors. For additional information about patio doors and getting them installed in one or more rooms, please contact us today.


How a Bath Wrap Makes Your Life Easier

Derek Wood - Thursday, April 25, 2019
How a Bath Wrap Makes Your Life Easier


A bathroom is usually one of the most utilized areas in a home. As such, it will show wear and tear more quickly than other rooms. This space also, typically, takes longer to clean than other areas, especially the shower and tub. You can, however, make your life a lot easier by installing an easy-to-maintain bath wrap over your standard ceramic tiles or fiberglass

2 Disadvantageous Standard Materials

1. If you have ceramic in your bathroom, you understand how hard this material is to keep clean. You've probably also struggled with dirty or cracked grout lines and loose tiles that detract from the look of your bathroom.

2. If you have fiberglass, many of the same problems exist. It's difficult to clean. The fiberglass stains and cracks easily. The look of fiberglass can also become a problem, often appearing less expensive than other materials.

4 Advantages of a Bath Wrap

1. A bath wrap made of premium acrylic will add an elegant look to your bathroom. Bath wraps come in various colors and patterns so you can perfectly match it to your home's style.

2. You can also select what accessories you'd like included with your bath wrap. Choose a grab bar to help steady yourself or a loved one. You can also opt for a comfortable bench seat in your shower to provide a place to sit.

3. A bath wrap will never crack or fade, making it a durable product that's guaranteed to last. Its anti-microbial protection provides peace of mind. The superior quality of a bath wrap makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

4. You can have a bath wrap, which matches your budget, installed in very little time, often within one day. The reason for this is because the installer will mold it to your current bathroom configuration.

You'll be thrilled with how much a bath wrap will update the look of your entire space. For more information about bath wraps and how the installation of one can make your life easier, please contact us today.


Creating Style with Multiple Windows

Derek Wood - Thursday, April 11, 2019
Creating Style with Multiple Windows


When trying to improve the interior of your home, think beyond the standard paint, furniture, and flooring upgrades. Using a specific arrangement made up of multiple windows can significantly elevate the appearance of your residence while also letting more light and air into your home.

Dual Design Windows

If you have a window in one of your rooms, such as an office, and it looks a bit plain, consider adding a slimmer, vertical window next to it to create a more exciting design. The height of both windows should be the same for the best-looking result. With such an arrangement, you'll be able to let more light and air into the room while adding a style to the space that will draw everyone's attention.

Trio of Windows

Another lovely design concept is to have a large window installed in your living or entertainment area and then install a smaller window on each side of the large one. The central window could be a picture window, which would let in a massive amount of light and allow you a gorgeous view. The two additional windows can be functioning designs that will allow air to flow into your home when opened.

Bank of Windows

In your master bedroom, you can elevate the look of the décor by installing a whole line of small windows high up along an exterior wall. These windows will create a chic appearance in the room. The location of the windows will allow additional light into the area, while still preserving your privacy. If you're able to place your bed along the same wall, the windows will serve as a beautiful backdrop for your sleeping space.

Window design and placement can significantly add to the interior and exterior beauty of your house. For more information about quality windows and how they can improve the look of your home, please contact us today.


How the Entire Family Can Enjoy a Walk-In Bathtub

Derek Wood - Thursday, April 04, 2019
How the Entire Family Can Enjoy a Walk-In Bathtub


When a homeowner thinks about getting a walk-in bathtub for their home, generally it's a choice made to accommodate seniors. However, a luxury walk-in tub—such as a Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtub—is a design that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Benefit from a Water Massage

With a Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtub, everyone can take pleasure in the hydrotherapy that such a tub provides. Imagine sitting in the tub, while the water jets massage your tired muscles, relaxing you after a hard, stressful day. Because you can personalize the water flow, so it fits your needs perfectly, you'll always get the best results when you bathe.

Designed for Safety

This type of bathtub is exceptionally safe since you merely open the side panel and walk right in. This convenience is, of course, perfect for seniors. However, this design also works well for anyone with a foot or leg injury, regardless of age. Also, for a family member who's exhausted at the end of the day, they won't have to worry about stumbling into the tub. If anyone in your family is unsteady on their feet for any reason, this walk-in tub will allow them to safely get into and out of the bathtub due to its easy access.

Provides a Beautiful Look

Because of the luxurious quality of this tub, it will add an elegant and sophisticated look to your bathroom, creating a natural focal point that everyone will admire. The gorgeous hardware will coordinate well with the rest of your decor, regardless of the style of your space. With the height of the bathtub, you won't be looking down into the tub every time you enter the bathroom, which will give the room a clean, sleek look that you'll truly appreciate.

For more information about getting a Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtub for your home, please contact us today.


Insulating Your Attic to Protect Your Roof

Derek Wood - Thursday, March 28, 2019
Insulating Your Attic to Protect Your Roof


We all grasp the concept of insulating our attics for the sake of keeping the heat inside. We work hard to pay for the energy to keep our houses warm, so not letting those dollars float out into the ether just makes sense.

But did you know that having your attic correctly insulated also protects your roof?

In most cases, attic insulation is applied between the ceiling joists of the top floor rather than between the roof's rafters. This is so that the insulation can provide the dual purpose of not only keeping the heat inside of the house but also keeping it out of the attic.

According to a recent article by the Portage Daily Register, "An attic's temperature must be consistent with the outside air, or rooftop snow can melt and then refreeze when it hits the eaves, building a dam and pushing more meltwater back up the roof. Shingles are designed to allow water to move down them, but will let backed up water get under them, where it can drip into the house."

Another recent article from the South Washington County Bulletin says, "Homes built before the mid-90s are generally more susceptible to ice dams... A newer home that has very good attic insulation and ventilation really doesn't have a problem with the loss of heat from the interior of the building getting up into the attic."

Building codes are always changing and evolving as the construction industry improves itself through constant innovation and correction. If you live in an older home, what was thought to be perfectly acceptable attic insulation when your home was built has since been proved insufficient. Even though it is already insulated, your home is still losing energy and risking winter weather damage.

If you have been on the fence about calling a skilled professional to inspect your attic, don't wait any longer. Contact D & W Windows today and let us help you properly insulate your attic and save- not only on your monthly heating bill but from potentially costly roofing and water damage repairs as well.


3 Do's and Don'ts for Bathroom Remodeling

Derek Wood - Thursday, March 21, 2019
3 Do's and Don'ts for Bathroom Remodeling


Considering a bathroom remodel in your home? Here are a few dos and don'ts before you get started.


Have a plan for unexpected problems.

Nothing goes perfectly in a renovation. In fact, one of the most predictable parts of any renovation is finding a problem no one could see until after the work has started. Setting contingency money aside for will help keep your bathroom renovation budget and project on track.

Provide the right amount of light and ventilation

Bathrooms can turn into dark spaces people want to avoid without adequate lighting. A lack of ventilation can cause mold and other unappealing and dangerous issues to occur. Providing a ventilation fan and the right amount of lighting will help ensure the usefulness of your bathroom space.

Use appropriate materials for your bathroom space

Make sure the materials used are water-resistant and won't chip or rust. Think porcelain tile, nonporous stone, custom manufactured shower and tub surrounds, and stainless metal surfaces and fixtures.


Cut corners on the necessities

For work that requires an expert touch, spend the money and hire a tradesman (i.e. plumber/electrician). When it comes to the important materials, don't skimp because of the cost is higher than you'd like to spend. Otherwise, you'll be hiring someone to fix worse problems than you started with.

Pick a design because it's on-trend

Trends come and go, but you'll be in your house for years after they fall out of favor. Pick a design that reflects your taste and will function well for decades to come.

Rush to get the work done

It's hard to not rush when you are eager to get the work done and start using your bathroom space, but rushing can do as much damage as cutting corners on tradesman and materials. Take your time, make sure the work is done right, and you won't have any regrets.

Ready to get started? Talk to the experts at D&W Windows and Sunrooms about how to incorporate bath wraps and tub surrounds into your bathroom remodeling project today.


Add Curb Appeal Fast with Vinyl Siding!

Derek Wood - Sunday, March 17, 2019
Add Curb Appeal Fast with Vinyl Siding!


When selling a home or upgrading your outside space, many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the seemingly costly and time consuming task of revamping the exterior siding. Vinyl siding, however, can provide an easy solution with several great benefits.

Save Time and Your Dimes

Vinyl siding is the most cost-friendly option available on the market today, but the savings don't just stop there. Unlike many other options and products, vinyl siding can be applied over some existing exteriors. This cuts down on expensive labor fees and, whether you are doing the project yourself or not, lots of time spent on demolition and removal. The hassle-free application is just one less headache in creating an eye-catching, energy saving home.

Keep Things Quiet and Cozy

When applying vinyl siding to a home, a layer of foam backing is installed underneath the vinyl creating an extra layer of insulation against extreme temperatures. This means there is not just one, but two barriers against noise and the elements for your home. By simply choosing a vinyl product, noise levels are noticeably lessened. Now the neighborhood traffic will be a little less irritating, and you'll be snug and quiet through those powerful winter storms.

Reduce the Re-dos

Along with the other great benefits of vinyl siding, you will love the low maintenance qualities it provides. Designed for cold, harsh weather conditions, vinyl is engineered to resist decaying and warping over several seasons. In contrast, wood siding needs constant upkeep with painting or staining every season to ensure an air and moisture tight seal on the exterior. With less upkeep, you are free to tackle other projects on your to-do list!

Whether you're trying to attract new buyers or in need of an update, vinyl siding can be a cost effective, long lasting change. For more comprehensive information, help making a selection, and pricing for vinyl, please contact us.


Windows - Preparing for Cold Winters and Hot Summers

Derek Wood - Thursday, March 07, 2019
Windows - Preparing for Cold Winters and Hot Summers


There's nothing like a chilly polar vortex to bring attention to key elements around the home. Being prepared for Mother Nature in the winter can make the difference between enjoying a toasty warm environment in sub-zero temperatures, or spending a lot more than necessary on heating bills, as well as putting an aging furnace at risk for failure. If you want to survive next year's polar vortex, as well as keep your home cooler this summer, then it's time to review all your home's essential components that determine its level of preparedness for Michigan's extreme temperatures.

Polar Vortex to Record Highs

Let's face it. Michiganders know that outdoor temperatures can go from a bone-chilling -15°F to a relatively comfortable 45°F, within the span of 24 hours. Those homes that are not properly prepared for Michigan's weather extremes, at best, are at risk for hefty heating bills. In addition, homes are that are not properly weatherized put additional strain on a home's furnace and during times of extreme weather, furnace failure is extremely risky.

Of course, Michigan is known for its hot, humid summer temps as well. Older windows are not as efficient as new window models, thus allowing hot, humid air to enter through cracks and openings around the window frame. For those who have central air, their unit has to work a lot harder to keep the home cool and comfortable.

D&W Energy Efficient Windows

If you are getting tired of shocking energy bills month after month, now is a good time to take a look at the age and level of quality of all the windows in the home. Our premiere energy efficient windows are made right here in Michigan. We are Michigan residents ourselves, giving us a unique perspective to what Michigan residents go through during a polar vortex, as well as Michigan's humid summers.

Contact us today for more information about our advanced weatherstripping and E-Z Fill Foam that keep heat in during sub-zero temperatures, as well as our SunShield technology designed to keep homes cooler in the summer.


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